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With Cataract you have an opaque lens view

Cataract eye disease is most common the highest of the various eye diseases according to WHO (World Health Organisation). A clouded lens can be surgically replaced with an artificial lens. A completely opaque lens can be changed with an IOL lens which is called intraocular lens. IOL lenses can be implanted in a transparent and yellowish colour. None of them has the same protection as our pilot filter which is offering UV, blue light and infrared protection. Therefore we highly recommend after Cataract surgery to use our sunglass filter. Otherwise ARMD Age Related Macular Degeneration can be speed up, due that visible light as violet, indigo and a part of blue is passing the lens and touching on the old macula and retina.

These artificial lenses are made in a range of materials and are generally divided into hard lenses, soft IOLs and foldable IOL. Foldable lenses are made out of acrylic, silicone or hydrogel. The hard lenses are made out of PMMA with a diameter of 6-7mm.

The cataract is a painless loss of vision which is described as a blurred view and one that reduces the vision contrast. People describe it as like looking through fog and similar to looking through brownish tinted sunglasses. Different types of cataract are as include Cataract subcapsularis posterior (posterior subcapsular cataract) and nuclearis cataract (nuclear cataract)


Healthy Eye


Age Related Macular Degeneration

A large part of the ultraviolet radiation is filtered through the eye, conjunctivitis (cornea), sclera and lens. The result is a clouded view through the lens which appears to the sufferer as in the images above.

Possible causes:

  1. Increased age
  2. Ionizing radiation / UV and IR radiation
  3. Diabetes mellitus
  4. Reaction to medication
  5. Infrared radiation (fire star or heat glass maker star)
  6. Bad nutrition

It is therefore highly recommended to use CARUSO high tech sun glasses with UVC, UVB, UVA, blue light and infrared filter after any cataract surgery. Our products protect your eye, sclera, conjunctiva (cornea), lens, macular and retina. Of particular importance is the protection of your macular and the retina. Why? The opacity of the cataract lens has a positive effect and it reduces some of the rich energy of the visible light as violet or blue colour which otherwise can damage the macular and retina. The macular and retina cannot be replaced after cataract surgery and it is then a bigger problem. Prevention is recommended and we suggest using CARUSO sunglasses for maximum eye protection. Our products are designed to prevent ARMD (age macular degeneration) for as long as possible and, if you do not protect your eyes after cataract surgery against UVC, UVB, UVA, blue light and infrared, blue light can again pass through to the macular and retina and cause problems in later years. An important fact to note is that Blue light has 3½ times more energy when compared to red or yellow light.

Please read information which explains more about Cataract surgery and how it might cause problems later on. Please read here: ARMD / Age Related Macular Degeneration.

Age Related Macular Degeneration & Cataract

The Danger of a Cataract Operation

People suffering from eye diseases are increasingly reporting to us that they have suffered a dramatic decrease in their vision after a cataract operation - many do not recover. Many patients have already suffered retina disease or macular degeneration, but we also have patients who have not had a retina disease before cataract surgery and our research suggests a decrease in vision in connection with macular degeneration relating to cataract surgery. More information is available to read about this research at S0S Augenlicht

Our CARUSO eye protection sunglasses aim to delay cataract and ARMD surgery as far as possible. By protecting your eyes against UVC, UVB, UVA, blue light and infrared rays and preventing these wavelengths to enter your eyes and as a result, your conjunctiva, lenses, macular and retinas.
Our glasses can also be equipped with integrated reading sections. We also offer bifocal and progressive lenses with our CR747 Optical Line Pilot sunglasses. Our eye protection technology is patent pending.

It is not only vitally important to have the correct sunglasses, but also to ensure that you eat a well-balanced diet to help your body protect itself with natural antioxidants and vitamins.]


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Our glasses can also be equipped with integrated reading parts. In addition, we also provide real dioptre sunglasses with our *CR747 Optical Line Pilot's sunglasses. They provide single vision for glass wearers, bifocal or progressive lenses. Our technologies are patent pending and patented in some countries.

For more information about ARMD and nutrition go to our link of ARMD.