NEW Technologie

Caruso ® Modular-Line


Your benefits:

  • Perfect wrap around fitting
  • Sunglasses can be adapted to different faces and head sizes
  • Higher protection up to 400, 450nm, 460nm and 480nm
  • 400-460nm are permissible for driving
  • Has a high technology anti-fog system
  • Stays perfectly on the head and can be adjusted
  • Sunglasses are very light about 22gr or 0.77 oz.
  • Increases the contrast
  • Excellent against, wind, dust, UV, fly's etc.
  • Can be easily cleaned with water
  • Has a modern, intelligent design
  • Stops watery the eyes
  • Has a wide view angle for more security during driving
  • Unisex CARUSO sunglasses
  • Less fatigue after a driving day, due to our higher UV protection spectrum
  • we offer night driving filters in yellow or transparent
  • changeable filters for different uses

High performance and attractive prices: Sunglasses + box + microfiber + cleaning cloth starting from CHF 199.-.

The CARUSO sunglass is an investment on the beginning, but than it turns to an inexpensive one. Thanks to the multi functionality it offers so many possibilities than no other sunglasses can do. One of the strength is it can be adapted to different face shapes and anatomies.