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What opportunities or solutions do the company CARUSO® offering for all people which need corrective glass with diopter and do not want to be without UVC, UVB, UVA + blue light + infrared protection?

Therefore we have developed the CARUSO® CR747 Optical Line Pilot with corrective glasses for the latest generation of pilots� sunglasses with the most advanced technology.

Are you looking for unique features, an intelligent eye protection, real efficiency, an excellent modular system, best price / performance / quality, multi-functional use which covers your needs and provide you maximum benefits without restrict yourself? Than we have developed for you a unique, multifunctional CARUSO® diopter glass. CARUSO® & FREELAND® offers to all persons a single vision, bifocal, or progressive lens with the desired correction need a modular solution. The CARUSO® Prescription glasses and sunglasses can be ordered from our partners or from us directly, where there is no point of sale at present. You may then go with the glasses to the next Optician. The optician will put on our CARUSO® & FREELAND® sun glass and fill out the form. He/she will enter the data, such as sphere, cylinder, axis, add, etc. in the open fields. The eye test should first be carried out again. Then the optician easily fills out the data on the sheet as he would make a flat diopter glass. The optician must not make the conversion. Once we receive the completed form, the company CARUSO® & FREELAND® will calculate according to the received data the curve. You will receive the final diopter frame, with the right diopter, which we will deliver in accordance with the data sent to us. You can take out the CARUSO® clip and replace it with final CR747 Optical Line Pilot one. Just click the optical frame in the main frame of sunglasse. More information about the CR747 Optical Line Pilot you can get directly from the company CARUSO® & FREELAND®.

The advantages are a single source. You have any filters and color filters for different applications. Whether day, night, sports or industrial use, the glass can be replaced quickly and inexpensively. A full wrap around diopter glass, is an expensive undertaking if you need different types of glass for it for different application than it will be expensive. The goal of CARUSO® & FREELAND® is to protect your eyes better and these in sports, work or any other activities. You should take care about your eyes and not the glass. For scratches on outer glass, you can order easily and inexpensive replacement filters. With our multi-functional CARUSO® frame construction, you can adjust the nose bridge and the arm bracket in cold state and adapted perfectly to your face.

We offer additional CARUSO® filters as clear, yellow, gray or gray graduated for the pilot CARUSO® CR747 frame. The clear, yellow, gray or gray graduated filter meets the EN 1836 and the EN 166, 170, 172:2002 standards, which are usable for industrial use, too. Therefore you have a multifunctional diopter glass.

Have we caught your attention? Do you take your eye protection seriously? Then get in touch with us for the unique high technology CARUSO® aviator sunglasses. You can contact us by email at . We will send you some information about the high CARUSO® aviator. We are delighted to serve you.

By the way, what is good for pilots and has proven is useful for many other applications such as motorcycle riding, sport and industrial use, recreation, etc. You will enjoy this unique "patent pending technology�. Protect your eyes from UVC, UVB, UVA + blue light + infrared; cataract and AMD age related macular degeneration. Invest today for a future better quality of life of your eyes.