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Why do you need pilots CARUSO® sunglasses?

The UV rays are primarily responsible for cataracts. Blue light exposure can damage the macula and retina. According to the WHO World Health Organization the first eye disease is cataract. On third place comes already ARMD "Age-Related Macular Degeneration. On ARMD, the macula or even retina may be damaged and the person may get blind.

How can I integrate starting from the age of 40 the reading glasses in CARUSO pilot sunglasses? The 2 in 1 solution?
DThe presbyopia

Presbyopia is about an aging process of the lens. Many people in older age may have this eye problem. The elasticity of the lens subsides in the course of the years (the accommodation ability of the eye subsides). This makes it more difficult for the eye to close (especially when reading) and it may happen to people with normal vision at the age between 40th-50. The folk say then, that our arms are too short.

CARUSO® & FREELAND® is providing for pilots to further expansion. In any CARUSO pilots sunglasses filter, we can install additional CARUSO reading glasses.

The CARUSO® reading glasses can be added, according to your need. It is a unique solution which is easily incorporated into our high-tech CARUSO aviator sunglasses. This way, we are offering a solution for many people. Therefore maps or close instruments at a distance of approximately 30cm to 35cm can be read better.

The CARUSO® diopters are starting of +1.0, +1.25, +1.5, +1.75, +2.0, +2.25, +2.5, +2.75, +3.0.

Required, for example your left eye a diopter of +1.5 and the right eye +1.75 or +2.0 then we recommend for both eyes to use a diopter of +1.5, so we do not discriminate the better seeing eye. Another example: If the left eye needs, +1.25 diopter of the right eye and +2.5, we recommend for each eye, to use the right diopter. In this case, the costs of CARUSO reading glasses are double, since we have to use two packaging for that. This solution allows at any time to change the diopter of CARUSO® reading glasses. As the CARUSO® reading glasses have been glued with water on our High Tech CARUSO® filter you can remove it at any time. You can order the reading glasses for all CARUSO® pilot sunglasses for CHF 59.90 (Switzerland) and for export for only EUR 41.23 without VAT at our E-Mail . Therefore CARUSO Pilot sunglasses are solving an important problem for pilots. We offer a smart solution 2 in 1 and more safety.