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AOPA 228 PR can be downloaded as a PDF file

AOPA report 228 PR can be downloaded in English version as a PDF file

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CARUSO® High Tech Pilot Sunglasses with UVC, UVB, UVA + Blue Light + Infrared for prevention of cataracts and Age Related Macular Degeneration / ARMD.

The CARUSO® High Tech Pilot glasses were developed specifically for pilots to meet in the cockpit advanced and very high requirements. Only the best is good enough for pilots. Therefore, the CARUSO® aviator sunglasses are used in various applications.

For pilots, we recommend an increased eye protection. The reason is that the blue light and infrared are not filtered from the cockpit windshield. Therefore, the blue light comes into the cockpit and penetrates into the eye's cornea, lens, and finally ending at the central yellow spot, known as fovea or macula and can damage also the retina. The blue light and infrared range can stress the yellow spot, fovea, macula and the retina in a medium and long-term run. In medicine we talk then of ARMD, Age-Related Macular Degeneration. For this reason, the company CARUSO® & FREELAND® has developed the aviator models CARUSO® P511 Pilot or the Pilot CR188 and many other sunglasses. The pilot CARUSO® P511 has the advantage that the sunglasses filters can be replaced. On CARUSO® CR188 you can adjust the nose piece and the earpiece itself, depending on your needs. The CARUSO® aviator sunglasses can perfectly be adapted to your face type. The High Tech CARUSO® filter with UVC, UVB, UVA + blue light + infrared are always the same for any pilot sunglasses.

Anyone who makes a lot of sports in the outdoor area, we recommend to use CARUSO® P511 pilot's sunglasses. Both pilots sunglasses are ultra-light weight and has a weight of only 20-22gr. (0.044 up to 0.048oz) CARUSO® & FREELAND® has more high tech CARUSO® pilot sunglasses as CR262, CR129 CR333, CR2872, CR747 and other models are provided with the same unique "patent pending" technology. All CARUSO® aviator sunglasses offer a very good side protection and a wide angle view with enhanced 3D scenery. CARUSO® pilot filter have UVC, UVB, UVA and blue light, infrared, and are suitable for driving, flying and nautical uses. Our filters are not polarized and not phototropic, as they are not approved for aviation according to EASA guidlines. In addition, we have on our unique filter CARUSO® and excellent anti-fog system. We increase the contrast, so we give each pilot more security, the contours and the depth of clouds can be increased and improved. Our frame temples were built so that they fit into the headphones and do not cause headaches during daily work. We reduce significantly pressure points. These CARUSO® pilot sunglasses are ideal for pilots, which fly low, medium and commercial aircraft.

Our CARUSO® pilot sunglasses have been tested by Dr. B. Kopp, who is well known flight doctor examiner in Thun, Switzerland. In addition our pilot sunglasses have passed the ISHAHARA examination. According to test report which has been released from Dr. Kopp the CARUSO® pilot sunglasses is suitable for pilots and can be used for professional use, as long the pilot has an appropriate color vision. We also meet the standard EN 1836:2005. (See declaration of conformity) These CARUSO® aviator sunglasses were developed during several years with different pilots, used and adapted to their needs. VC = Cockpit Association in Germany has tested the CARUSO® pilots sunglasses during two years of intensive use. With this help, we understood better the pilots need and have continuously improved CARUSO® pilot sunglasses. Today we proceed of CARUSO® with the development of CARUSO® pilot sunglasses for a better prevention and sell these unique Swiss CARUSO® pilot sunglasses worldwide. Additionally we offer a high tech anti-fog system. The contrasts and the 3D view have been improved, too. With a very good side protection, we eliminate the occurrence of stray light and it is protecting better the eyes, the cornea, lens, macula and the retina. With all these advantages, we prevent against cataracts and AMD, "Age-Related Macular Degeneration.






Why you need pilots CARUSO® sunglasses?

The UV rays are primarily responsible for cataracts. Blue light exposure can damage the macula and retina. According to the WHO World Health Organization the first eye disease is cataract. On third place comes already ARMD Age-Related Macular Degeneration. On ARMD, the macula or even retina may be damaged and the person may get blind.

All CARUSO® Pilot sunglasses can be integrated with reading glass. Therefore you will have 2in1. New is availabl CARUSO® CR747 Optical Line Pilot with prescription glass for eyeglass wearers.
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