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In regards on the problem of convertible car drivers, namely watery of the eyes and how to protect better the eyes against UV, a summary of our CARUSO ® sunglasses. We write you in English, so if there are some more international Mercedes partners interested in, than please sent this e-mail to them. Our Swiss company is specialised in high-technology sunglasses. We are working with Ophthalmologists in the eye sector. Our company is manufacturing high-technology sunglasses, UV-protection textiles and UV-Caps.


Some of our customers have complained that their eyes water whilst driving. For this reason we have developed different solutions of sunglasses.

  1. Perfect wrap around fitting
  2. Sunglasses can be adapted to different faces and head sizes
  3. Higher protection up to 450-460nm
  4. Is permissible for driving
  5. Has a high technology anti-fog system
  6. Stays perfectly on the head and can be adjusted
  7. Sunglasses are very light from 22gr to 32-37gr. Depending on the model type
  8. Increases the contrast
  9. Excellent against, wind, dust, UV, fly�s etc.
  10. Can be easily cleaned with water
  11. Foldable and compact
  12. Has a modern, intelligent design
  13. Stops watery the eyes
  14. Has a wide view angle for more security during driving
  15. Unisex CARUSO sunglasses
  16. Less fatigue after a driving day, due to our higher UV protection spectrum

Standard colours are black, silver and some articles are available in stone colour.

Below are some pictures. The sunglasses filters will be in green for the AG0029, TF900 and R-8027 and for the P511 it is in different colours as grey, yellow for night driving, transparent and brown available.

Skimagazin3 Skimagazin3

As you see the glasses completely wrap around the face. No wind, no dust, no fly´s, no UV and its goodbye to the tears, and hello to the freedom and enjoy driving more than ever. The glass colour will be different.