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Air Show test Pilots Mr. Ali Ismet Öztürk

Mr. Ali Ismet Öztürk a famous Air Show Pilot wrote after testing our P511 sunglasses for Pilots, the following statement:

I have been flying on the last 23 years. This is half of my live. I spend considerable time as test pilot for helicopters and business jets. On the last 7 years I fly only aerobatics as professional display pilot in all over the world. During my long time in active aviation, I have realised that the sun glass are very important for the pilot healthy and safety! There are many types of sunglasses made for this purpose but only few of them are able to protect the pilot eyes. I strongly believe the eyes of a pilot are most important issue during any type of flying. The technology of CARUSO ® sunglasses is the best one to protect your eyes from ultraviolet and gives you a wide view. CARUSO ® is not only protecting your eyes but also increases the flight safety. I was flying in Air Mollis Airshow 2007 when I found great opportunity to test another perfect product of CARUSO ®. This sunglass P511 was the latest prototype of this legendry company. The weather was extremely bad with low ceiling and low visibility. But I had with this P511 of CARUSO ® low visibility glass on my eyes! It was amazing! It was unbelievable! I was able to see my display area very easily. My speed during my air show is around 400 km/hrs. So the visibility is meaning my safety at all. I felt my self very safe and able to fly better because I was able to see the around much better then my naked eyes! Thanks CARUSO ® sunglasses! You are providing me the "best visibility". I always keep one in my cockpit during good weather or bad weather. Be safe with CARUSO ® & FREELAND ® products!

CARUSO ® & FREELAND ® thanks Mr. Ali Ismet Öztürk for testing the sunglasses during all his flights. For us it is very important to get real conditions statements, above of the laboratory tests. Our CARUSO ® sunglasses have some unique new technologies incorporated, with a higher protection against dangerous rays, and have been especially developed for Pilots. Now the CARUSO ® sunglass is making part of the crew of an acrobatic pilot as Mr. Ali Ismet Öztürk.

For more information about Mr. Ali Ismet Öztürk and its incredible acrobatic flights, visit please You will be surprised!

Mr. Ali Ismet Öztürk is flying with +9 and -5 G.

Ali Öztürk
Ali Öztürk
Ali Öztürk