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Good sun protection today means better health tomorrow

During the summer months MeteoSwiss publishes a daily forecast of the UV Index of the following day. The UV Index is used world-wide and indicates the daily maximum of the UV radiation during the middle of the day.

The ozone layer at 20-30 km in the stratosphere acts as a filter and protective shield from UV radiation. During the last years, the hole in the ozone layer which represents a strong local reduction of the ozone layer, became a intensively discussed matter. In the southern hemisphere, in Australia and New Zealand, an increase of UV radiation has been detected. For this reason thorough protection against UV radiation has become natural in these countries. Although in the Northern Hemisphere the (see UV-Index) values are only slightly lower, UV protection measures are not yet as common as in Ozeania.

Together with Norway, Switzerland has the highest skin cancer incidence of Europe. Reasons for increasing occurrence of skin cancer, may be our behaviour during leisure times, which includes a prolonged exposure to UV radiation. Having a nice sun tan, is still an expression of good appearance and a modern sporting standard of live. More and more frequently we spend our winter holidays in countries of the southern hemisphere, where (see UV-Index)UV radiation is particularly high The times of the day which show an UV Index value above 3 require an appropriate sun protection (MEST: Middle European Summer Time) It is important to avoid, if possible, the high UV values around midday and to protect yourself with appropriate measures. You will guickly get sunburned at a high UV-radiation, which shows us how important a correct sun protection is. Therefore you need the appropriate protection for your head, your eyes and your skin from CARUSO ® & FREELAND ®

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